Geeks have finally been recognized and endorsed in the society.We are obsessed with technology, we have an insatiable need to know everything about it and we are incredibly loyal to this obsession. This is because we love what we do.

At ImGeek, this passion is highly encouraged. Knowledge and craft, humility and enthusiasm is what we bargain for when bringing on board a fellow geek. Science fiction used to be the mental playground of the geek world. What used to take place in fiction novels and movies about the future, is now happening in the real world. There is only one kind to thank for this – The Geeks.


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Geeks are the kind of people that probe dreams, envision life on Mars, posit hyperspace, reconstruct history, remake the world and reshape the notion of what it means to truly be alive.

We all knew a day would come where ‘’being geek is the new cool’’ would become the new trend. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs or Tv series of Big Bang Theory have revolutionized it so tremendously that we now proudly say ImGeek.

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